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WATER    The base water rate is $18.54 a month for 0-1000 gallons of water consumption.  All usage above 1000 gallons is charged at $.00318/gallon.   Residential and commercial customers are charged 6% WET tax on water usage. Our water meters have recently all been replaced with radio read meters.  These meters are very accurate and make it possible to detect potential leaks.      SEWER The base sewer rate is $45.09 a month for 0- 1000 gallons of sewer usage.  All usage above 1000 gallons is charged at $.00828/gallon.  Your sewer usage is equal to your water usage.  Residential customers are not charged tax on sewer usage.  Commercial customers are charged 7% state tax on sewer usage.    
Heart of the Tri Counties
Meter readings occur monthly around the 20th of the month.  Bills are mailed on the 1st and are due on or before the 20th.  If the 20th falls on a weekend or holiday, payment will be processed the first business day without penalty.  After the 20th, there is a $5.00 penalty applied to your account.  Payments can be made at City Hall, the drop box, automatic payment, or by mail.  Payments can be paid by cash, check, or debit/credit card.  The fee for processing debit/credit card payments is $1.50 plus 2.35% of the transaction.