Heart of the Tri Counties hist History Durant Depot 1908 1835   David W Walton, first settler in this vicinity, which later becomes Durant. 1853   The Mississippi and Missouri Railroad come to Iowa and survey across the northern part of Muscatine county. 1854  Benjamin Brayton, a civil engineer for the Rock Island Railroad, comes to the area to negotiate railroad business.           Brayton with friends, John Dix and Thomas Durant, change the course of the railroad to go through Cedar County.           A town is laid out and platted by Brayton and Mr. Durant donates $800.00 for the erection of a schoolhouse.           Brayton names the new town “Durant” in honor of his esteemed friend.           Village well dug in June 1854. 1855  Durant is recorded as a town June 27, 1855.           First building in town erected by James Young, a carpenter, in August.           Shortly thereafter the hotel and depot were built. 1858  First schoolhouse built in the Spring of 1858. 1867  Durant is incorporated on July 5th, Mr. Allen Nesbitt is elected as first Mayor. We are happy to announce that the Tri County Heritage/Genealogy Museum has found a home at 820 5th Street in Durant (next to the post office).  Beginning Saturday, November 1st the museum will be open on Saturdays from 1:00-4:00 pm.  They will also be open on Election Day, Tuesday, November 4th from 4:00-6:00 pm.   If you have items you would like to donate to the museum, you may contact Charlie Wuestenberg at 785-6090.