DOG LICENSES The number of dogs, six months of age or older, is limited to two per household in Durant.  Staffordshire terriers, known as pit bulls or any cross breed of such animal which have similar characteristics are prohibited.  Dogs are required to be licensed annually, with updated proof of rabies vaccination.  Each dog will be issued a tag stamped with the number of the license and year it was issued.  Reminders are placed on water bills the month that your license needs to be renewed. Fees:  neutered and spayed dogs $5.00 non-neutered and non-spayed  $10.00 Licensed dogs running at large will be returned to their owner if possible.  If the dog is impounded, the owner must pay the $50.00 impounding fee before the dog will be returned.  The owner of a impounded unlicensed dog must pay a $100.00 impounding fee and will be required to license their dog.       
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Dog Licenses
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